Welcome to the S-O-S Global Security Suite of Card Access Products. We are proud to manufacture the Insignia Control Panel; the four door access panel and the Clarity Software (currently only available for the XP. Windows 8 will be available Spring 2013.)

The Insignia Control Panel I-4000II is a direct replacement for the Northern N-1000-IV-X and the PW2000IV-X series of panels. Dealers can save more than half the normal Dealer costs for Northern replacement panels or add-ons. We provide board level repair service when needed. And because we have been in business since 1958, we are uniquely qualified to be there for your business for all your card access control sales and service.

Look to S-O-S Global Security Products as we will offer additional electronic security products such as CCTV in the near future and increase the features in Clarity as we move forward as a company.

We will not compromise the quality and value our Partners receive from S-O-S GSP.

Insignia LogoElectronic Access Control- Insignia I-4000II

The I-4000II controller features state-of-the-art technology that provides flexibility and reliability for access control and monitoring applications. Using a high performance microprocessor and advanced memory techniques, the Insignia controller out-performs many of the controllers on the
market today. Insignia was developed to simplify new installations, and also operates as a drop-in replacement for currently installed access control systems (replaces N-1000-IV and PW2000IV series panels). Compatibility between the I-4000II controller and the N-1000-IV means that previous training can be leveraged as a
benefit to new applications and support is still provided for current systems. I-4000II controllers overcome the limitations of past technology with advanced features such as Ethernet connectivity, enhanced download speeds, and flash memory updates. The I-4000II also contains an abundance of on-board I/O_s.

Features of the I-4000II

A variety of communication options are available including RS-232, RS-485 and TCP/IP. With the ability
to communicate at 10/100 Mbps over RS-485 or over RS-232 at speeds up to 57.6 Kbps, the Insignia
controller provides the performance required for small or large systems.

  • Supports up to four doors
  • 12 and 5 VDC reader power at the controller
  • 20 supervised alarm inputs (16 monitored, 3 unmonitored, 1 dedicated)
  • AC power and Battery Level monitoring
  • Eight double pole/double throw (DPDT) relay outputs
  • Host communication: Ethernet (10/100 Mbps), RS-485 (38.4 Kbps), or RS-232 (57.6 Kbps)
  • Flash memory for real-time program updates
  • Supports 28,000 cards and 15,000 transactions Simultaneously
  • Real-Time Clock provides accurate time and handles Daylight-saving time automatically
  • Programmable card format definition
  • Support for up to four Wigand keypads
  • Up to four duress relays allowed
  • Time zones allow relays to be automatically controlled
  • Up to 64 schedules to control access, alarm inputs, and outputs
  • Up to 64 custom-defined days
  • Relay groups can be assigned individually per reader rather than only on the first reader or all readers
  • Extended battery backup life
  • Operation independent of the host computer
  • Drop-in replacement for N-1000-IV and PW2000-IV systems currently installed and using RS-485 AckNak

All products warranted to 1 year—normal product failures only —Improper Installation and Use is Excluded

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