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Welcome to S-O-SWelcome to S-O-S Global Security Products, LLC. The goal of S-O-S Global Security Products is to bring you the most state of the art Card Access System available to date. Our Four Panel Access Control Panel is manufactured by S-O-S Global Security Products in the U.S. Global Security Products is a division of S-O-S Electronic Corporation, which is a 2nd Generation Family Company founded in 1958.S-O-S Global 1 provides custom circuit manufacturing and specialized products. S-O-S Electronics provides Systems Integration services in Southeastern Wisconsin. In 2010 S-O-S formed a family of companies and purchased the Insignia and Clarity Card Access Control Products. S-O-S has the respect and the proven longevity that dealers are looking for. When you buy a card access system from S-O-S Global Security Products you get the backing and support from a company that has been in business for over 54  years.

S-O-S Global Security Products is based and manufactures their card access panels in the U.S. No long extended service waits. We manufacture and ship our card access panels from the U.S.

As a dealer, you need to trust your security purchases to the best. S-O-S Global Security Products has the cutting edge card access solutions you need for even the most sophisticated security requirements.

Look to our card access products and software for your security and security replacement needs. Contact us for a quote or information on shipping and delivery times. S-O-S also provides companion products, i.e. HID, INDALA and AWID among others.